• Confectionery Spreads 

    spreadix– liquid and stable

    Fat-based spreads such as chocolate & confectionery spreads, peanut butter and hazelnut flavoured spreads are gaining in popularity.
    These products are fat continuous with a fat content of some 30 %, hence the properties of fat largely determine the performance of the spread.

    Spreadability over a wide range of temperature is desired for fat-based confectionery spreads.
    The spread must be spreadable at refrigerated temperature but stable towards oil separation at high temperature, and it should have a shiny and attractive appearance.

    The SPREADIX™ products are soft at low temperatures, but still partially crystalline at room temperature and higher. In addition they contain a stabilizing fat component, which helps create a stable network of crystals, which prevents separation of liquid oil from the product.

    Long shelf life
    A long shelf life requires fats, which do not tend to separate into two different phases, one liquid phase and one partially crystallized. Products in SPREDIX™ range are tailored to provide this desired profile. Add SPREADIX™ to your recipe and consumer demands are fulfilled.
    Addition of SPREADIX™ could hardly be simpler. The range is fully mixed and ready for use.
    SPREADIX™ in confectionery spreads
    Dark, milk and white chocolate spreads, not to mention the nut-based varieties, are all candidates for SPREADIX™

     The benefits are numerous:

    • Ensures superb spreadability from 5-28°C
    • Secures stability over a wide temperature range
    • Gives excellent flavour release
    • Provides good melting profile
    • Available as non-hydrogenated