• The Basix Company imports and distributes quality raw materials for the food industry in Israel and abroad.
    We acquire raw materials from the best manufacturers in Europe and supply them to food manufacturers around the globe. Our clientele includes manufacturers in the USA, Europe and Israel.
    Since 1999, Basix had operated as a division within the Strauss Group. Recently, we have become an independent company, blessed with a rare professional combination: an intimate team of specialists possessing worldwide capabilities.
    Our staff includes a solid nucleus of first-rate professionals whose expertise, experience and interests focus exclusively on the field of raw materials for the food industry.
    As a client-oriented organization, the Company is highly dynamic, offering flexibility, prompt response and personal, attentive service. All of these capabilities are backed by the professional standards, the resources, the capabilities and the free-flowing, reliable functional system of the Basix Company.

    What Sets Us Apart?
    Our extensive knowledge of the food industry, enabling us to accurately match our clients' requirements with our products or product categories; our ability to identify market needs as well as to spot innovation in the development of more sophisticated raw materials that offer a technological, health, marketing or economic added value to the food manufacturer – these are the characteristics that set us apart in the food marketplace and justify our excellent reputation.

    Our Expertise
    Our intimate familiarity with the food market generally and the raw material market in particular, and our unique expertise in the area of material behavior, provide our clients with a substantial advantage.
    Commanding the processes that take place on the world food and raw material markets, keeping our ear to the ground, our current information about all of the vendors and trends in the field, as well as our ability to predict new developments and pricing trends, enable us to acquire the best of the best, at the best possible prices.
    Our knowledge of procurement and our excellent communication and connections with all of the relevant agencies and authorities enable us to guarantee uninterrupted, on-going supply, without hindrances or delays.

    Our Capabilities
    With the entire logistics, storage and delivery system of "Sela Logistics" behind us, we guarantee that all materials are stored in specialized raw material storage facilities with air-conditioning, refrigeration and humidity control systems conforming to the most demanding industry standards. Each one of the raw materials we supply is kept under specific optimal conditions throughout the transport and delivery process, even while on board our specialized trucks.

    Our Raw Materials
    Contrary to the prevailing trend of importing raw materials from the Far East, we import quality materials from established, credible European suppliers. Our operations conform to ISO 9002 and HACCP and we insist that our suppliers also conform to the most stringent standards of the world food industry. All of our raw materials are inspected and awarded kosher certificates according to the client's requirements.

    Our Service
    We at Basix are proud of our professional, personal and attentive service. We advise the client and cooperate in planning the supply of raw materials that meet the client's needs in the best possible manner, ensuring that they would be delivered on time and in optimal condition, with their qualities intact.
    With a highly efficient storage layout and a readily available inventory of raw materials on hand, we process orders promptly and can guarantee exceptional response intervals and lead times. Additionally, we offer close technical support, including visits by specialists from abroad once per quarter, for the purpose of supervising the quality of the materials supplied, ensuring that they fully comply with the clients' requirements and suggesting measures for quality and efficiency improvement.

    Our Values
    We at Basix regard ourselves as an intimate, human and warm organization, working cooperatively, driven by a true team spirit and maintaining relations of trust, both internally and with our clients and suppliers. We are proud of our professionalism and expertise in the field of food manufacturing, and will do our utmost to continually hone our professional skills and be the best, most reliable and most up-to-date professional address for our clients.
    We undertake – to ourselves, to our clients and to our suppliers – to remain dynamic, creative and innovative; to continue to develop, search, invent and surprise with state-of-the-art solutions, advanced raw materials and the most accurate, most cost-effective responses for every activity and every client.
    Our interests and efforts will always be intended to provide our clients with the best, most attentive and most considerate service.