• Ice cream

    Ice cream has a long history as a popular dairy food item. The market for ice cream is valued at more than 20 billion Euros in Europe. Annually the Europeans consume 3 billion liters of ice cream.

    There are great advantages to use vegetable fats instead of butterfat. The use of vegetable fats in ice cream reduces costs significantly. Secondly the texture of the ice cream is easier to adjust to specific demands and it is possible to balance the content of saturated and poly-unsaturated fats in the composition.

    To meet the customers’ demands of ice cream manufacturers for healthier ice cream ingredients without compromising on eating qualities, BASIX started fundamental scientific research on lowering the SAFA level. Based on extensive knowledge of vegetable oils, processing techniques and scientific research, BASIX succeeded to create a range of healthier oil solutions for ice cream. The unique characteristics of ice cream ingredients of BASIX IS
    ICEIX .

    BASIX produces fats for ice cream which have the optimal melting properties, low saturated fats with the highest taste quality. BASIX supplies vegetable oils and fats for ice cream, cheese, desserts and butter industry.