• Foaming agents 

    Group of bases for cappuccino with good foam. If hot water or milk are added to the foaming agent, one can instantly obtain a stable, tasty and attractive foam.
    - coffee, tea, chocolate,


    Creamers for soups and sauces 

    - for soups and sauces as creaming substance in powder,
    - for "liquid" soups and sauces, where there is no possibility of using emulsifying agents.
    Characteristic properties of creamers for soups and sauces: semi-agglomerated powders, well-soluble, good assimilation, good stability at high temperatures (do not cause protein to coagulate), fat content 15-76% (according to customers' wishes). Theses creamers give an excellent creaming effect, and their expiry date is 24 months.
    - the creamers' stability at high temperatures makes them possible to be used in sauces and canned soups,
    - cold soluble creamer to be used in cold prepared sauces

    Creamers for beverages 
    A group of creamers with an exquisite taste and good stability at high temperatures, in hard water and at a low pH level. Particular properties of BASIX creamers for beverages: the powders are semi-agglomerated, well soluble (creamer disappears under the surface very fast); they give a good creaming effect (the beverage has a creamy appearance); they pour well (the product can be easily mixed with other ingredients); stability at high temperatures (no coagulation of protein). There is a possibility of applying various combinations as regards the pouring density of the creamers, in order to adapt it to the consumer's packaging. Expiry period for the creamers is 24 months. A wide spectrum of creamers offered allows customers choose the suitable product not only in terms of quality, but also of price.


    A base ingredient for producing desserts, creams and toppings on an industrial scale and one of the basic products, is the BASIX powder.
    BASIX toppings give you a possibility of creating:
    - aerated desserts and mousses,
    - jelly-like desserts,
    - whipped toppings, or specially prepared cream for decorating and filling sweets (cakes, puddings, dessert creams),
    - Chantilly type creams.
    BASIX toppings give manufacturers a possibility of diversifying their products on a wide scale. Toppings from BASIX are excellent quality products which contain skimmed milk powder and vegetable fat, as well as a number of additional ingredients, depending on the final purpose of the base product. BASIX toppings are cold soluble and they can be whisked, as in the case of traditionally prepared, foamy desserts. They are a semi-finished, homogenised product, which means that they not have to be kept refrigerated. BASIX technical staff is willing to use all their experience to help you choose the appropriate semi-finished product for your needs.

    Vending machine products

    Products for vending machines are a group of ingredients destined for various types of vending machines. The offer includes cappuccino, hot chocolate, cocoa, instant tea, and a milk creamer for beverages, a foaming creamer, and toppings for beverages. BASIX products for vending machines have certain properties which distinguish them from other products, including:
    - a rich taste,
    - good solubility,
    - the powder pours easily,
    - stable, fluffy foam on coming out of the machine,
    - the creamers give a very good creaming effect,
    - the price is attractive.

    Spray Dried coffee

    The spray-dried process is a popular choice with
    consumers. This process offers a finished product
    with a variety of flavor profiles available only from
    the finest elite coffees.

    Agglomerated  coffee

    Maintaining the delightful aroma and flavor of
    the coffee, the agglomeration process creates a
    more sophisticated and elegant product. Our
    agglomerated coffees are enjoyed daily
    throughout the world.


    Freeze dried coffee

    our freeze dried instant coffee PLANT
    uses state-of-the-art technology to produce
    premium quality coffee with an original flavor
    and full-bodied aroma for the most demanding
    gourmet markets