• Dark chocolates
    With tastes from mild and sweet to extra bitter, we can offer you an extremely wide range of dark chocolates. What’s more, we can tailor the viscosity of the chocolate to your applications.

    Milk chocolates
    From creamy and soft to sweet caramel-like or even intense cocoa, you can have milk chocolate just as your customers like it, and as the perfect match to your product concepts. Viscosity can be adapted to suit your application.


    white chocolates
    You can choose the taste of your white chocolate ranging from sweet or milky, to full and creamy, with subtle top notes of caramel. You can dream of any application: we’ll deliver the right viscosity


    With our extended range of fat-based fillings, any application becomes possible. With tastes ranging from dark or white chocolate to almond or hazelnut, and excellent end results both in and on finished products, the sky really is the limit


    Chocolate decorations
    From cups for serving desserts to decoration products for sprinkling on or topping finished products, the range and application possibilities of these BASIX products are endless. All chocolate decoration products are produced with extreme care, and are 100% chocolate, guaranteeing a perfect look and allowing a high degree of personalization.


    Bake stable inclusions
    With the variety of tastes and textures to include in bakery products, new creative ideas can quickly become reality. You can add the inclusion you want according to your or your customer’s wishes: pure chocolate in S, M or L drops, small or long sticks, sticks with an extra taste or crunchy texture, soft crèmes with a smooth mouth feel. And they all resist oven temperatures perfectly, guaranteeing a great taste experience and superb mouth feel.


    Confectionery, dessert and ice cream inclusions
    Enriching confectionery, ice cream and desserts with playful or contrasting inclusions opens up great prospects for differentiating your products. Vary with tastes ranging from chocolate to colored & flavored compound inclusions. Surprise with textures from smooth and mellow to hard and crunchy. And since technical properties are always important: BASIX’s inclusions show a very stable behavior in numerous fat-based and water-based applications.


    Special inclusions
    With Barry Callebaut’s cocoa nibs, you can add a pure and crunchy touch to your confectionery (chocolate bars, tablets, pralines), biscuits and bakery products. Cocoa nibs are roasted kernels of cocoa beans (100% cocoa), with a strong yet refined taste. They are available in different sizes