• CBSIX™ – Cocoa Butter Substitutes

    CBSIX™ represents BASIX’s Cocoa Butter Substitutes (CBS).

    The CBSIX™ range is used in non-temper compounds simulating the best attributes of real chocolate.

    With CBSIX™, compound manufacturers can produce much more than just a less expensive imitation of chocolate. These lauric-based oils create compounds with an excellent functionality.


    Excellent melting and fast crystallisation
    Fast crystallisation rate, steep melting curve, good meltdown and flavour release without the bother of tempering are achieved with CBSIX™. Since CBSIX™ provides a broad scope for tailoring solutions to individual needs, only minor alterations are required to production processes.
    CBSIX™ is a range of lauric non-tempering fats, which may be used in a wide range of chocolate-flavoured products. CBSIX™ products are recommended for use in cocoa powder formulations.


    CBSIX™ ECO for moulding and high-quality coating
    Compound for moulded products, biscuit and wafer coatings are at their best when CBSIX™ ECO is added to the recipe. CBSIX™ ECO ensures that the compound has a good snap and texture very similar to chocolate. It provides the compound with a good appetising gloss and extends the shelf life of the end product due to high bloom stability.


    CBSIX™ & CBSIX ECO – the non hydrogenated CBS
    Focus is increasing on trans fatty acids and in addition to this, hydrogenation. CBSIX™ & CBSIX ECO is BASIX’s response to a CBS solution without hydrogenation and trans where you still have the benefits of the traditional CBSIX™.


    Confectionery manufacturers fulfil their needs with CBSIX ECO when they require a cost effective coating with rapid crystallisation and good melting properties.